News 17 July 2009 I'm sorry but there is no comic for this week. There are some thing I need to get done.

02 June 2009 I've only just gained access to my comic again... Comicgenesis made things too annoying. I only have two problems right now, I need a new adaptor for my scanner and I need to reactivate Flash. Why can't things just be simple...

18 May 2009 I'm sorry for not putting up a notest or some thing. My laptop hard drive broke down and I don't have the data from it yet and it's taking me longer then it should to get the programes back. Things should be back to normal within 2-4 weeks, I hope.

13 April 2009 Erm, sorry about that, I kinda forgot to upload the next comic.

07 March 2009 There isn't going to be an update this week, sorry. I've been distracted(did I spell that right?) with sevral things and it was annoying.


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